Instagram has just released figures of 25 million business now having an account, an increase of a whopping 10 million from July’s figure. Why is this? Is it because of peer pressure or does the platform REALLY bring you extra business?

We have over 40 clients, of which 3/4’s have either asked, or been suggested to, that they should have an #Instagram presence. Our results have shown a variety of results, as you would expect to get across all other marketing/advertising streams from a wide variety of sectors, but ALL can attribute some extra business directly from the platform.

Currently you are unable to have a hyperlink through to a specific page on your website from posts, other than directing fans to your main web link in your bio. This means that it is harder to monitor successes as opposed to #Facebook etc, where a trackable link ( added to each post, will help you to see which specific posts are bringing you the most traffic.

That aside, we find it important for local businesses of any sector as it is rather quick to gain a good amount of followers via following known ‘neighbours’ or by the usage of geographical #hashtags, plus with the inevitable introduction of sharing, your local allies will do their utmost to share your posts to their followers too, which will all help to spread the good word about your #business!

Posting is quick and easy to do, so if you aren’t already on Instagram, we would suggest giving it a whirl. Given the fact there are 1000’s and 1000’s of your prospective clients hanging about daily on Instagram, it seems daft not to have a presence on there really!!

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