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How to generate business leads using Social Media in 2021 Social media moves on at a brisk pace but still, most people are under the impression that a few posts per week and they can sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Well sorry, guys but that ain’t gonna happen!! Social Media is […]

What attracts you to a social media post?

Is it the imagery or the words on an image? What makes you double click on a post? Is it because you are expressing loyalty to a person or brand? We’ve ran a few tests on our own feeds to see what seems to be the main attractor of likes on a post. We’ve tested […]

Are you suffering from selfitis?

Jokes aside, obsessive taking of selfies could actually be an obsessive mental behaviour being studied by researchers at Nottingham Trent University and Thiagarajar School of Management!! Read more here

New feature on Twitter launched

Twitter is making good on its promise to allow users to have a chronological view of their timelines, by testing a new button on its Home Screen. The development comes after Twitter’s announcement that it wants to give users more power on what they see. While switching back to chronological may sound counterintuitive, here are two important […]

Facebook Launches Crisis Response

September has already seen parts of the world devastated by hurricanes, earthquakes and more disasters. Communicating with your loved ones can be an impossible task during times like these, so Facebook is here to make it easier to get in touch with friends and family. Facebook yesterday announced the creation of Crisis Response, a new […]

You Can Now Add Images To Your Comments On LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t well-known for being that visually appealing, but it certainly makes sense to allow users to use images to express themselves, giving them richer possibilities to display their knowledge and ideas, especially in the professional networking sense that LinkedIn represents.

Branding – more than just a logo

If you think branding is important, you are right. If you think you should spend money on branding, you are right. But if you think your brand is your visual identity—logo, website, product packaging, that sort of thing—then you are completely and miserably wrong, and very likely to waste a lot of money. You probably […]